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Introducing the NONnation, a pioneering self-sovereign nation on the Ethereum network, dedicated to providing a dynamic platform for our Citizens. Embracing a visionary approach, the NONnation employs secure, platform contracts to regulate Entities and DeFi, transcending the traditional courts and laws utilized by real-world nations for financial coordination and rule enforcement.

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Everything In One Place

Embrace the future of off-shore, decentralized businesses by incorporating your Entity within the NONnation ecosystem. Gain access to an extensive array of tools designed to streamline operations, enabling you to concentrate on the distinctive elements that set your product, business, or group apart from the rest.


A Nation On top of Ethereum

Experience the robust functionality of NONnation, a platform fueled by Platform Contracts (Rules) and the adaptable model contracts they deploy. Our tamper-proof cores allow for effortless cloning and customization to suit diverse needs, empowering developers to create Rules, generate revenue, and contribute to a shared codebase. Explore an array of innovative Rules within our public marketplace, right here on the NONnation platform.

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Monitor and visualize all of your data

Effortlessly track and monitor your data with Dune Analytics, enabled by our fully on-chain Entities. Dive into a wealth of prebuilt queries that cover all aspects, from proposal voting to revenue generation, and more. Our intuitive data visualizations make it a breeze to assess the impact of your decisions and identify emerging trends within your operations.


A secure 
interface to rule them all

Discover the ultimate control center with our all-in-one interface designed to streamline your project management experience. Effortlessly handle voting, token properties, and treasury tracking in a single, user-friendly platform – say goodbye to juggling multiple windows and dApps, and embrace the power of efficient organization.

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The Economy of a nation governed Onchain

Embrace the future of finance with the revolutionary NON token, where an entire nation's economy thrives under the NONgov entity, empowering holders to reap dividends, dictate investments, and fuel innovation through game-changing grants and more. 


Get ready to rule the first Ethereum Nation with $NON, as $SOON holders enjoy a 1:1 switch at the NONnation launch! Harnessing the prowess of the state-of-the-art Assets contract, ERC-1155 and ERC20 standards, $NON ensures smooth NFT trading and full retrocompatibility. Invest and farm OS now to secure your spot in this groundbreaking venture!


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The NONteam hosts crazy Ethereans who still fight for decentralization!

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