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Trade Everything

Welcome to the Bazaar, a decentralized exchange designed for seamless trading of tokens, NFTs, and Assets. Experience hassle-free trading between tokens and NFTs or effortlessly swap NFTs with others. With native support for ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens, the Bazaar provides a comprehensive marketplace catering to all your trading needs, bringing the best features of CEX trading to the Dex world


Yield All Day

Experience the built-in convenience of farming with the Bazaar, where every liquidity pool can be incentivized using any token. Effortlessly attract liquidity on both Ethereum and Optimism, providing a simplified solution for any protocol. As automatic farming empowers liquidity providers, they can capture rewards from trades and protocols keen to enhance liquidity within the pool.

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Say Goodbye to CEXes

Experience the power of on-chain orders as the Bazaar bridges the gap between CEX and DeFi, delivering unparalleled features. Swaps are intelligently routed through liquidity and available orders, guaranteeing optimal pricing for both buyers and sellers. Additionally, a portion of the order fee is allocated to the farming pool, further benefiting liquidity providers.

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The First AMM with creators' Royalties

The Bazaar sets itself apart as the first AMM to honor NFT creators by acknowledging royalty fees for token collections. With each trade conducted through the liquidity pool or orders, a designated portion is directed to the NFT creator, enabling them to benefit from even fractional shares and reinforcing our commitment to supporting creative talent.

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Reducing impermanent losses at the speed of sound

Embrace the versatility of the Bazaar, expertly crafted for altcoin trading across NFTs and ERC20s alike. Our platform's innovative routing from external DEXes, native farming in liquidity pools, and order processing pave the way for a new era of passive earnings for liquidity providers. Experience the sustainable reduction of impermanent losses and unlock the potential of the Bazaar for your trading ventures.

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