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Safer DeFi

Build the DeFi component of your Ethereum projects seamlessly with our general-purpose, multi-AMM financial factories, eliminating developmental risks for a streamlined experience.

The coolest part? No Solidity skills are required!

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Experience the flexibility of customizable Farms, designed to reward farmers for pooling any token on top-tier AMMs and accessible to any Organization, DAO, wallet, or custom smart contract. Thanks to their construction with Factory contracts, farmers can enjoy peace of mind without the concern of encountering bugs or flawed code, ensuring a secure and rewarding farming experience.

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Simplify your project's financial operations with Routines, designed to automate essential tasks like token inflation and treasury management. Easily set up recurring routines for employee payments, periodic token purchases on AMMs, or any operation that involves periodic token mints, transfers, swaps, or burns. Experience the convenience and efficiency of automation with Routines.

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Trustless Treasury

Discover the seamless integration of NONnation DeFi Tools with NONnation Entities, designed to revolutionize treasury management and enable interaction with DeFi applications. Effortlessly manage investment funds, dividends, and dapp earnings, harnessing the power of a unified, efficient ecosystem that simplifies your operations.

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