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Incorporate your business on Ethereum

Elevate your business entity by externalizing its structure and asset management to the Ethereum blockchain. By utilizing transparent smart contracts for management enforcement, you can foster increased participation and collaboration across diverse countries and jurisdictions, promoting seamless global integration and business continuity.


Granular Governance for all needs

Launch your journey with a root Entity and efficiently manage modular Component contracts. Each Component houses structured proposals that dictate various aspects of the Entity while allowing for customized voting rules and tokens. Experience the power of decentralized governance as Components detach from the Entity's owner, enabling autonomous operation without reliance on or intervention from the core team.

Entities - Manage your earning and assets without trust.png

Manage your earning and assets without trust


Effortlessly connect managers for your Treasury, Farming, Investments, Grants, and more with our versatile platform. Choose from an extensive selection of NONnation Rules or create your own, contributing unique models to the thriving ecosystem and bolstering the spirit of innovation and collaboration.


An Entire ecosystem of tools


NONnation is your one-stop destination for launching and managing your Entity with ease. Our comprehensive suite of tools covers everything from token deployment and management to secure voting extensions, safe automated routines, and a bustling marketplace in the Bazaar. Let NONnation guide your seamless onboarding journey into the world of web3 with our full stack solution.

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